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How To Serve A Subpoena or Lawsuit Papers To Axa?

Our process serving company will provide service of process of Axa agent for service of process Corporation Service Company doing business in California as CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service.  The agent for service of process is located at 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive Suite 150N, Sacramento, CA  95833.  

Email your documents with instructions to or Fax your documents to (916) 244-2636.

After we receive your documents with instructions, you will receive an online invoice for payment.  Once you pay with your credit card online, you service will begin. Questions – (800) 399-4103

Ready To Serve Agent For Service Of Process

We serve subpoenas and lawsuit papers

Strategies For The Requirements For Proper Service Of Process

When you have been named as a defendant within a lawsuit, it really is likely that you are looking for a lawyer or wish to equip yourself for your upcoming court case. Before getting a costly lawyer, however, our recommendation is that you investigate whether you possess grounds to dispute proper services of process. Service of process refers to the formal procedure of passing a summons to a individual so they can can be found in court. The law dictates that the proper notice must be provided and when it is not then you may lodge a dispute. This post will mention the prerequisites required for a correct service of procedure.

The guidelines regarding service of process are not the same based on the location however, the process is similar because a summons has to be delivered in a of 3 ways. The summons can be obtained either from the sheriff of your own county, by certified mail, or by a licensed process server.

While delivery by way of a sheriff and certified mail are self-explanatory, the delivery of summons by licensed process server might require further discussion. A procedure server is definitely an individual using a credential to offer a summons to a legal party. However, the procedure server will not be exempt from standard legal requirements and they cannot trespass on one's property or infringe on one's human rights.

To avoid any infringement of rights, the person receiving the summons must identify her or himself to the process server and acknowledge the receipt in the documentation. It is considered unacceptable for the process server to leave the documentation at the individual's residence without receiving any confirmation of receipt. Correct service of process also requires the summons to become served by way of a set deadline. If the deadline is missed, the summons will be considered improperly served as well as a dispute could be filed.

Ready To Serve Agent For Service Of Process

We serve subpoenas and lawsuit papers

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