What is a Process Server Sacramento County?

What is a Process Server?

A process server is a person who delivers legal documents letting people know they are involved in a court case.

What Papers Do You Serve?

Small claims papers, custody papers, eviction notices, divorce papers, restraining orders, court summons.

We Serve Registered Agents?

RASI, Cogency Global, CSC Lawyers, Paracorp, Corporation Service Company, Sundoc, Prentice Hall

What other services do you offer?

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“How to order process service?  Click “Serve Now” The process is easy just email a copy of your documents along with service instructions.  We will email you an invoice for online payment.  Service attempts will begin when paid.”

How To Get A Tax ID Number Independent Contractor?

How to get the tax ID number of an independent contractor to complete a 1099 MISC?

  1. Have the independent contractor complete a W-9 Form (Request For Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification)

  2. Hire a private investigator to find their social security number to include on 1099 MISC.

The IRS may impose a penalty if you don’t include the independent contractor’s social security number on the 1099 MISC.  Are you using TurboTax to complete the 1099 MISC?  TurboTax 1099 MISC requires a social security number.  The social security number is required to file your taxes online.

1099 MISC Social Security Number Search

Hire Private Investigator Lance Casey To Find Their Social Security Number

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Are you looking for something new with flexibility?  Become a process server.  Work when you want. Earn when you want.  We are looking for independent process servers in your area.

Our ‘Process Serving Training Class’ is provided for anyone who wants to become a ‘Registered Process Server’ within their state. Check with your state to find out their licensing requirements.

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How To Become A Process Server.  Our mission is to provide quality service of process in the Sacramento region. 

We are not affiliated with Corporation Service Company, legalinc Corporate Services, CSC, CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service, Prentice Hall Corporation Systems, Sundoc Filings; National Corporate Research ltd. Inc, Incorporating Services ltd, Cogency Global Inc., Formerly Known as National Corporate Research, Registered Agent Solutions, Legalinc Corporate Services, Corp2000, Paracorp Incorporated.  We are process servers and you can hire use to serve the above registered agents with legal documents.

Attributes Of A Top Process Serving Sacramento Company

As you search for a process server that is operating in Sacramento California, you will quickly find that there are a multitude of these professionals to choose from. Trying to determine which one will be the best choice can be a daunting task unless you know how to evaluate them. Many of these professionals offer extensive services which may also include offering a skip trace search. Others may also offer to do a Sacramento Secretary of State filing service plus provide their services in virtually every neighborhood. Let’s look at the many services that these professionals provide, and then how you can choose the very best process serving Sacramento company that can help you while you are in the midst of a legal battle.

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What Most Process Server Sacramento County Do For Their Clients

In addition to serving papers to people you are litigating against, they can also file papers for you at the local courthouse. They are also adept at uncovering information through document retrieval. Though they are not investigators, they will know where to go to obtain the documents that your lawyer will request. Every process server must provide some form of detailed information that they have served the documents. This must be stated up front when you are comparing each of these companies. This affidavit of service, also called proof of service, is something that reputable businesses will provide each and every time that they serve papers for you.

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Why Are These Professionals So Necessary?

Although it is possible for a person to ask someone to serve papers for them, it is better to use a professional. First of all, they can provide actual proof that the documents were served which is information that the court will request. If this information is not provided, the court cannot rule on certain issues that are being discussed related to the paperwork that was being served. For example, if you are filing a restraining order against someone, and they need to appear in court, the judge may throw this out if it cannot be shown that the ever received official papers requesting their presence.

Where Will Most Process Servers Go In The Sacramento Area?

Most process serving Sacramento companies will go to all neighborhoods and communities that are in or around Sacramento. They may travel as far south as Lodi, and as far north as Marysville. In the immediate Sacramento area, they will serve papers in natomas, Rio Linda and North Highlands. They can continue east, serving people that are in Citrus Heights, Orangeville, all the way up to Roseville. If you need to have papers served in Auburn, which is at least 1/2 hour away, they can do this for you, usually for an extra fee. They will service West and South Sacramento, Cool, Citrus Heights, and also the community of Coloma. Traveling to Yuba City, or heading over to El Dorado Hills, should be in their purview. Antelope, Woodland, and going to Granite Bay should be areas to which they will travel. If your court case involves an individual that is living or working in Davis, Elk Grove, or Folsom, they should have no problem going into these areas. Places like Fair Oaks, Olivehurst, and Sloughouse are also distant destinations that they will travel. In the immediate Sacramento area, they can go to Elverta and Rio Linda, which are not that far from each other, and they can travel up to Loomis and Lincoln on Highway 80. Places like McClellan Air Force Base, may their Air Force Base, and even Lotus are destinations that they will go. Newcastle, and even the distant city of Galt, are locations that they will serve papers. Greenwood, Nicolaus, Penryn and Weimar should be no problem for these professionals.Rio Oso, Sheridan, Rancho Cordova, and Shingle Springs will also be on their list. Meadow Vista, Applegate, Wilton and Wheatland are additional destinations. Rescue, Represa and Pleasant Grove should be no problem with a reputable process serving Sacramento company.

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How Do These Professionals Serve Papers?

Serving papers is an art. It does require a bit of subterfuge on the part of this individual. Many people that are in a court case are constantly worried that they will be served papers. People will try to be ready so that they can state they don’t want them, or they will simply run off and the server will not be able to do their job. In many cases, they will walk up to the person when they are least expecting it, and that is how papers are successfully served. Of course, the server will need to document what has happened. Some of them will do this electronically, whereas others will fill out the necessary paperwork immediately after the incident. Once done, they will have that notarized, and proof of service will be given to the lawyer that requested their services. Additionally, these servers need to be aware of California law. The way that papers are served can differ from state to state. In California, the person receiving the papers must receive them directly. They cannot simply be left on a doorstep, or shoved into their car because their window was open. Your evaluation of these companies should clearly state that they are aware of California law, and they will abide by the rules and regulations of what a server must do. You can verify that these companies are as good as they say they are by looking at testimonials that have been left by customers that were happy with their service.

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Does It Take Long To Evaluate And Find A Process Server?

The evaluation process simply requires you to find all of these companies online. All of the information that you will need will be there. It is also helpful if you can talk to people that you know that have recently gone through something similar. They may have used a process server that was extremely good, and they can provide you with the recommendation. If you are doing the evaluation yourself, you need to consider where they are willing to go, how much they charge, and if they are available. They need to be able to serve your papers by the required time. If they cannot, you will need to move on to somebody else.

Other Factors To Consider When Choosing A Process Server

There are only two remaining factors to consider when choosing one of these servers. First of all, they should respond to your inquiry right away. If they do this, you can feel confident that they will treat their job in a professional manner. This is an indication that they are serious about the work that they do. Second, they should provide you with an immediate quote on how much it will cost. This can be very helpful. Once you have your estimates back from the different process servers in Sacramento, you might end up with one that offers to do this work for the least amount of money. It is important to not simply judge them by how much they charge, but also their reputation in the Sacramento area. Whether you get this information in the form of reviews, or from a friend or family member, it’s good to know that they are doing good work for all of their clients.

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Questions To Ask A Process Server

There are several questions that you should ask a process server once you have them on the phone. First of all, find out if they will serve papers in the neighborhood where the other person resides or works. If they do, you will then asked them how much it will cost for this type of service. In general, you will pay between $125 and $300, depending upon how soon you need to have the papers delivered. Next, ask them how they want to receive the papers that must be served. Some of them will require you to mail them so they have originals, or you might be able to fax the papers to them right away. In regard to how much they will charge, they should offer several different levels of service. The first will be a routine service which is where they will first attempt to serve the papers which is usually in less than a week. If you need what is called a rush service, they will be required to serve the papers within three days. If you need same-day service, this will be the most expensive. However, competent process serving Sacramento businesses should be able to do this without any problem.

The process server that you choose in Sacramento should be one of the best ones. They need to charge reasonable rates, and if you need same-day service, they should make that available. Find out if they will deliver the papers to the neighborhood or community of the other person. If not, you will then need to move on to someone else. Finally, ask how they will verify that they were able to serve the papers. It should be done according to California law. If they can’t do that, this could jeopardize your entire case. Most of them will provide the necessary proof that the documents were served to the proper person. Based upon all of these prerequisites you should be able to locate a top process serving Sacramento business that can help you out.

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