What is a Process Server Sacramento County?

What is a Process Server?

A process server is a person who delivers legal documents letting people know they are involved in a court case.

What Papers Do You Serve?

Small claims papers, custody papers, eviction notices, divorce papers, restraining orders, court summons.

We Serve Registered Agents?

RASI, Cogency Global, CSC Lawyers, Paracorp, Corporation Service Company, Sundoc, Prentice Hall

What other services do you offer?

Ready To Hire a Process Server?

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“How to order process service?  Click “Serve Now” The process is easy just email a copy of your documents along with service instructions.  We will email you an invoice for online payment.  Service attempts will begin when paid.”

How To Get A Tax ID Number Independent Contractor?

How to get the tax ID number of an independent contractor to complete a 1099 MISC?

  1. Have the independent contractor complete a W-9 Form (Request For Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification)

  2. Hire a private investigator to find their social security number to include on 1099 MISC.

The IRS may impose a penalty if you don’t include the independent contractor’s social security number on the 1099 MISC.  Are you using TurboTax to complete the 1099 MISC?  TurboTax 1099 MISC requires a social security number.  The social security number is required to file your taxes online.

1099 MISC Social Security Number Search

Hire Private Investigator Lance Casey To Find Their Social Security Number

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Services For Process Servers

Are you looking for something new with flexibility?  Become a process server.  Work when you want. Earn when you want.  We are looking for independent process servers in your area.

Our ‘Process Serving Training Class’ is provided for anyone who wants to become a ‘Registered Process Server’ within their state. Check with your state to find out their licensing requirements.

I don’t want to do any marketing. It’s too hard and expensive. I just want my phone to ring with customers. I am willing to pay someone to make my phone ring with customers.

About us

Process Server Sacramento County
9912 Business Park Drive Suite 170
Sacramento, CA 95827
(800) 399-6409

Our mission

How To Become A Process Server.  Our mission is to provide quality service of process in the Sacramento region. 

We are not affiliated with Corporation Service Company, legalinc Corporate Services, CSC, CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service, Prentice Hall Corporation Systems, Sundoc Filings; National Corporate Research ltd. Inc, Incorporating Services ltd, Cogency Global Inc., Formerly Known as National Corporate Research, Registered Agent Solutions, Legalinc Corporate Services, Corp2000, Paracorp Incorporated.  We are process servers and you can hire use to serve the above registered agents with legal documents.

The Way To Hire The Most Effective Isleton Process Servers?

If you intend for taking court action against somebody else, you should be able to deliver the court notification to the defendant. In case, you can not obtain the defendant handy within the court notification, you can depend on process servers to do the job for you. An effective process server may find the person for you personally and deliver the required documents to him or her. They deliver all types of court documents for example complaints, summons, and subpoenas. Since the agent plays a significant job, it is wise to search for a professional process server on the market. Here are some tips to consider when hiring the most effective process server in Sacramento available on the market.

The reputation and connection with the Isleton process server are important factors you should search for when hiring the right one for the position. They have provided a high quality and timely service previously? When the notification doesn’t check out the defendant punctually, you won’t have the capacity to continue with your case. Hence, you must choose a professional and experienced process server in Isleton  available on the market. Ensure that the candidate utilize the latest technology in the kinds of mobile phones, GPS tracking, fax, internet, email, online tracking of documents, etc. They should provide evidence of their service. Customer feedback plays an important part in connection with this.

Verify that the possible candidate is extremely rated by their past clients. That you can do your research about the potential server by searching Google with regard to their history. Check online review sites to discover how some other clients are rating the service from the company. These are typically important aspects to consider when picking the best process server in the marketplace. The above mentioned read offers info on what you must consider when searching for a good process server.

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